Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend International Conference on Digital Health Houston, Texas.

Day 1 :

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Ryan Shaw, CEO of Blockade Technologies brings over 18 years of experience from the Financial Services industry as a Financial Advisor and Management Consultant for some of the largest Banks and Brokerage Institutions. On Wall St., Ryan has advised individuals, business owners and Fortune 500 organizations on Investments, Regulatory Change, Technology and Business Process Re-Engineering and Performance Improvement.  Ryan has also led large global teams within FINTECH to advance Global Banking Initiatives in technology design, implementation and change management. Through Ryan’s direct efforts, organizations have realized 125 KPI user effort hours saved, closure of a $485B audit point,  reduced TQM (Total Quality Management) by 50% and  have met regulatory requirements ahead of schedule. Ryan also speaks locally and internationally as a thought leader on Blockchain Technology, its beneficial use cases and the benefits that the technoloy will bring globally to organizations and individuals.

As an undergraduate student at NCAA Division-II Kutztown University, Ryan was a dual sport athlete participating in Swimming and Track achieving multiple conference Championships and is a member of the All Decade Team in the Kutztown University Hall of Fame.  Ryan also has furthered his education with the University of Miami Graduate School of Business through their Executive MBA Program. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys being a fitness enthusiast and participating on the Palm Beach Masters Wahoo’s Swim Team as a sprint freestyle swimmer and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two young daughters.



A challenge to our understanding of Blockchain Technology is lack of accurate and complete knowledge of the technology and its impact to numerous industries. Current work in our firm is aimed at solving business organizational needs by implementing different types of Blockchain incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus separating the intrinsic activities of Blockchain capabilities from myths.

This information is invaluable in understanding how Blockchain can solve complex issues in the healthcare industry, keep organizations compliant with their regulators and go beyond the most widely known use case of crypto-currencies, and the ICO marketplace. I will highlight the contributions that the Blockade Technologies has strived to make in today's enterprise.


Keynote Forum

Henry Ines

Ceo of Shivom

Keynote: Blockchain and the future of genomic ownership & clinical research

Time : 9.30

OMICS International Digital Health Conference 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Henry Ines photo

In his 20+ years of professional experiences, Henry has engaged in all aspects of business as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor. As a VC, he focused on early stage investments in frontier technologies while working at multiple Silicon Valley-based VC funds. Henry also has extensive corporate finance and cross border advisory experiences focused in a variety of sectors ranging from IT, healthcare to consumer & industrial products. Henry is a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University and is a Senior Member of the World Education Blockchain Association in Singapore. Henry currently serves as the CEO of Shivom, a technology startup focused on developing the world’s largest platform for the secure storage and sharing of genomic data. Leveraging blockchain and AI technologies, Shivom empowers its users to more securely store, share and even monetize personal health data, while helping enterprises to more effectively advance clinical research.



Recent advancements in science and frontier technologies including blockchain and artificial intelligence are driving a data revolution that will not only streamline how clinical research and trials are conducted but also accelerate the timeline for more efficiently realizing medical breakthroughs. New business models and latest technological advances will usher in a new era of healthcare when all individuals are stakeholders and are empowered to more effectively manage and control who has access to their sensitive data. Individuals will have enhanced access & permission controls and be empowered to participate in both the risks and rewards when it comes to drug discovery and the future of healthcare. This talk will cover such topics and showcase how emerging companies such as Shivom are utilizing block chain, cryptography & other latest advancements in science and technology to disrupt prevailing business models and drive significant efficiencies in the performance of clinical trials and drug discovery initiatives globally.